Premium all you can eat Korean BBQ
We are Moo BBQ because cow makes sound like Moo~~~~

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Great meat quality and good service!  All self serve banchan buffet style with lots of options of self serve sushi and buffet style food.

They seated our group of 8 in a nice roomy booth with 2 grills. Lots of room on the table unlike other bbq restaurants.

-Jennifer N

Excellent Service | Quality Food

For ~$25 per person, the food options are remarkable! They have a buffet-style side menu which includes glass noodles/salads/rice/sushi, so be careful of stuffing yourself too early.

The service was amazing. Our servers would consistently check up on us and ask if we needed anything (grill changes, more meat, drinks).

The meat was pretty good too! I highly recommend their short ribs. Again, I felt like we didn’t order as much meat as we expected because the side bar was too irresistible to neglect.

Overall, the experience far exceeded my expectations. You need to check this place out for yourself because you definitely won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

P.S. wear shoes with a nice grip and watch your step because the floor could be a bit slippery!

-Jeff B
We celebrated my brother’s birthday here today. Place was big and easy to locate.

Food is mixture of Korean BBQ and Japanese buffet.

+ very happy with the choices for the korean bbq;
+ lots of stock for each korean bbq choices and were given when asked asap;
+ friendly staff (kudos to our main server, Tiffany)

– choices from the japanese buffet were limited BUT we still like it a lot in combination with the korean bbq;
– main concern is the temperature of some of the japanese food — some were really cold! I hope theyre not from last night lol

Overall, the experience was great. Food (especially kbbq) is excellent. Service was wonderful.

We will definitely come back!

-Mikee C

The BF and I were in the area when he started craving meat and put in the kbbq request once again. We happened to drive by this place and quickly pulled over and looked at the yelp reviews and decided to check it out since we were right across the street earlier.

I like that since it’s not in the cramped area of koreatown they are able to hold this huge restaurant that has room for a self serve buffet area right in the middle. Lots of side dish options so even though a few items were a miss, there were several banchan and sides I enjoyed like the cucumbers, radishes, and soups. I’d avoid the fish cakes and the potatoes (not anything close to the usual). Sushi options are ok. Obviously not high quality. The self serve soondobu tofu soup has beef and clams and is actually pretty good for an ayce kbbq place. Ice cream also was a nice plus 🙂

Clearly we didn’t come for the sides and the meat is the main attraction so I am willing to overlook some of those negatives. Weekend price is $24.99 and if you’re a student you get 10% off. The menu has lots of choices. I liked the thick sirloin steak (limit 1 per 2 people), galbi la ribs, salmon, and beef tongue. I probably would come back and just keep ordering galbi. It was marinated so well.

Our waiter was so amazing also. I have never received such good service at a kbbq place before haha. I’m used to getting yelled at and told no. I wish I got the guy’s name, but he was very nice and even gave us free sodas! Will probably be back for the select items that I find are worth the price.

-Emily M

Amazing place.

Everyone is your server here and they are so nice and attentive.
This place has a buffet so you can get up and get your banchan / rice paper / radish slices / kimchi etc.
Or even if you want sushi rolls or even dessert.

The meat here is delicious. Paired with the excellent service, I’d make the 40 mile drive here than the 4 mile drive to Red Castle and get bad service with okay food.

I love Moo BBQ

-Carolyn R